The Golf Professors

How to Become a PGA Tour Player


If I were to ask just about any golfer out there if they’d like to get paid for playing golf, I could almost guarantee their answer would be yes. Why not make an income (and a very substantial income if you’re really good) at playing golf. If you love the sport, are talented and have the determination and patience to become good at golf, you may have a shot.

If you’re serious about pursuing a career as a Professional Golfer on the PGA tournament, here are the steps you’re going to need to take.

-Practice, Practice, Practice. Play golf as frequently as possible
-Take golf lessons from a Club Professional
-Consistently improve your golf game. Have a low handicap or be a scratch golfer.
-Compete in local amateur golf tournaments
-Play on Mini-Tours. Examples: Nationwide, Hooters, Gateway, Pepsi
-Download the PGA Tour Application from their website
-Send in your entry fee of $3,000.00 for Qualifying School or Q-School
-The top 25 players to finish Q-School earn their PGA Tour Card
-Win golf tournaments to maintain your PGA status
-To remain on the PGA Tour you must finish on the money list in the top 125
-If you finish below the top 125, you’re required to go through Q-school again

Good luck, and enjoy the game!

The Golf Professors

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